Christians can be holistic, too.

Yes, Christians can be holistic too!

Since I cut and dried my first rose hip at 16 (then I didn’t have internet and learned on my own along the way), people have questioned who I really do follow.

I am a follower of Jesus Christ. Over the years since my rose hip days I have learned how to use herbs for a great many things for healing.

In the last couple years I have really crossed over the Religious Spirit and studying the healing aspects of Stones and Fiber.

Why can amber, a stone, be helpful for a baby who is teething,  but black onyx can’t be for an adult who has arthritis? Or A copper bracelet can be used to help arthritis in the hands and wrist but not anywhere else as a piece of metal in any other areas?

And the use of cotton for bandages to help heal wounds quicker but not wool or linen as a ultimate  healing properties for the body when we aren’t our 100% self?

My motto on this is if God created one thing to heal He created it all for that purpose.

It does not take away what God does, but enhances it if that is possible.

This topic came up this morning when I got my weekly call the Home care nurse gives from my doctor’s office.

I was letting know her my list of vitamins I have added to my daily regimen and told her I was adding Cat’s Claw to help build up my immune system after having Covid. I told her the joke my husband used “ it’s probably near the Eye of Nute” when we were looking for it in the store the other day. She asked me if I was Wiccan. I emphatically told her “NO!” (I have family members who are but not me!)

I know that my “hippie” lifestyle causes questions.

It shouldn’t if you read your Bible. Food, herbs, stones and fiber were used for healing throughout the scriptures. They didn’t have synthetic things then and had to rely on these things to get through their daily lives. It only became considered “evil” when the witches and satanic cults started using it too.

The difference in using natural things for healing  is how it’s used. God created it for His purpose. Granted the Wiccans I do know don’t use them for evil that I can see for the most part but then I believe what is hidden will come to the


So this year I will be working to bring to light what God intended for us in the healing properties of plants, stones, fiber, and metal.

I am currently reading a book by Anne Hamilton called “ God’s Poetry”. She talks about how the “I Am’s” turned off the crowds who were listening to Jesus. Each statement was made by a Roman god that they were ruling under.

I am the Bread of Life (Chaldean god Tammuz- Read Ezekiel 8:14)

I am the light of the World ( Persian god, Mithras)

I am the Door (Janus, the oldest of the Roman gods)

I am the Good Shepherd (Pan, a Greek god of flock and herds as well as the countryside, who inspired sudden fear)

I am the Way, Truth, and Life

Osiris, one of the chief gods of Egypt.

I am the True Vine (Cretan god Dionysius–Zagreus,)

If you want to study this further check out Anne’s book:

God’s Poetry: The Identity and Destiny Encoded in Your Name

Each of the “I Am’s” related to gods they knew of from childhood who had a claim to the same. Yet Jesus laid claim to them at the very beginning.

God created stones, animals  and plants that made the fiber, metals in the ground that somehow are put together to make bracelets and other jewelry. They were His creation for us to use for healing and gave us free will to use them. I choose to use them has God oriented them to be used. To live a healthy life.       

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