The Seven Spirits of God and the Connection to Water and Moon

Considering that water makes up 60% of the human body, and the Moon causes so many issues to tides in the ocean, it’s no surprise to us what the month of June does to us in searching out the Heart of the Father.  For many centuries, the new Moon has been the cause of strangeContinue reading “The Seven Spirits of God and the Connection to Water and Moon”

Christians can be holistic, too.

Yes, Christians can be holistic too! Since I cut and dried my first rose hip at 16 (then I didn’t have internet and learned on my own along the way), people have questioned who I really do follow. I am a follower of Jesus Christ. Over the years since my rose hip days I haveContinue reading “Christians can be holistic, too.”

Everything Changed at the Cross and was New at the Grave

The other day someone posted a pic of Peter and Chasten Buttigieg holding the twins they adopted. The backlash they got from the Christian community floored me. Yes, they are gay. Yes they are raising the children in their home living their gay lives. Yes, homosexuality is an abomination in the Bible. And live everyContinue reading “Everything Changed at the Cross and was New at the Grave”

Yes Virginia, There is A Hell. But….

In Acts 16:31 The Jailer is surprised to see Paul and Silas still in the the cell but not chained. The earthquake opened the doors to the prison and the chains broke off. As protocol the jailer must kill himself for the prisoners who escaped. But Paul and Silas stopped him from doing so. SoContinue reading “Yes Virginia, There is A Hell. But….”