The Rocks Cry Out

When God created us from dirt, there were the components for stones in the dirt He used. 
Lucifer was arrayed in the same minerals for  the worship leader.

Since we are made of the same minerals that was in the dirt, and Lucifer who was created to worship, could the colors of the Rainbow which represent the Seven Spirits of God, line up with our bodies as it did with Lucifer at the time he lead worship before he was kicked out of Heaven? Could there be stones made from the same dirt we were created from that are in us aligned as the rainbow colors for worship and giving glory to God since we were created for worship, transferring the clothing from what was taken from Lucifer? 

Now satan only knew what he was arrayed in, and could not create anything. So knowing the same stones that inhabit seven major organs along the spine that help us function for worship to God and coming from Heaven to our brain down to the Lumbar and back up filling our cells, and all the other stuff, Stan turned it all around, adding a demon in the spinal area that once it’s activated by the chakras (he can lie to us about what they are, and what they can do, but the power from what we were created from still exists because that doesn’t change, only the worship focus).

Hoping this makes some sense.

Remember Satan can not create anything but can manipulate it to send the worship to him.

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