Fermentation 101 Classes

Online Classes!

As I studied how the body was created, a temple of God, I discovered that the foods and drinks we consume can either benefit or harm our health. Fermentation, an ancient practice that has been used for centuries, is one example of how our dietary choices can impact our bodies.

Our bodies help us live our best life, and God gave us instructions on how to take care of them. However, over time, we have lost touch with the importance of maintaining a healthy gut, which can have a negative impact on our brain and overall health.

Join me in June as I introduce a new fermentation technique each week to incorporate into our daily lives. This is the first installment of a series aimed at optimizing our health and well-being by helping our bodies function at their best. The class link is below.

Week One: Ginger Bug and Other Homemade Sodas:

Week Two: Kombucha: Using Fruit, Vegetables, and Herbs for Emotional Health

Week Three: Tepache: A Healthy Pina Colada!

Week Four: Sourdough and What to Make With the Discard.

Or: You can purchase the whole series for 17.00