The Seven Spirits of God and the Connection to Water and Moon

Considering that water makes up 60% of the human body, and the Moon causes so many issues to tides in the ocean, it’s no surprise to us what the month of June does to us in searching out the Heart of the Father. 

For many centuries, the new Moon has been the cause of strange events, causing illogical thoughts and actions to play a part. 

I have worked for the elderly for several decades, and I have seen this true. Moods change drastically, and residents become more agitated during this time.

Besides the phenomenon, this is the month when the Moon and the ocean work together. On the Second Day, God created the sky, and on the third day, God created the Land, seas, plants, and trees. On the fourth day, He created the Moon and the stars, and on the fifth day, He formed the flying creatures of the air and the creatures to live in the water. 

As we study more from Psalms 139:14, we see God created us on the sixth day. God was careful in putting everything in place. 

Gen 1:3 says, “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. Now, the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters.”

I believe the “Spirit of God” is the Seven Spirits working together to bring about the things of Creation later in Chapter 3. The stars in line for this month are the twins or Gemini. According to Seneca Shurborn in a teaching that is sent out monthly, “There are two dazzling stars in Gemini which represent the twins, Castor and Pollux. The story varies, but Castor and Pollux had a mortal mother, Leda and Father Zeus. Castor was mortal, and Pollux was immortal. Castor dies, and Pollux is inconsolable, begging Zeus to relieve him of the bonds of immortality. Pollux chooses death to join his brother, and Zeus reunites them in the heavens as Gemini.”

Seneca also states that “We can look at Castor and Pollux as the two sides of Jesus, both as immortal Son of God, and part of the Trinity. Like God, He became Man, a mortal being born of a woman, and died on the cross.” 

In the Hebrew culture, Sivan is the 3rd month in the Hebrew culture, and as we follow along, we see the Bible stories we heard as children become more alive in the month’s history. The Hebrew months relate to the Heartbeat of the Father as He is the Father of 1,000 days as a day and 1,000 years in one year.

 I will relate back and forth between the Gregorian Calendar and the Hebrew Calendar throughout my blog posts. this year everything seems to work out, and walk in line together as there were two Adar months in this last year as well. 

Sivan is the month when Jacob and Esau (twins) were born to Jacob and Rachel, an excellent example of the twins Castor and Pollux and the two sides of life and death. 

To reiterate my beliefs: Lucifer’s Demise occurred when his pride got in the way. So when he was kicked out of Heaven, it was because the Rocks in Lucifer’s clothing cried out a different tune, and God knew it. So Lucifer, now satan has taken things that God created to bring harmony and peace to His people and manipulated those things, such as stones, plants, fiber, and elements that all worshiped God, and turned the worship to himself. So if you want more info, I wrote in the blog I tagged above.

As we look at Sivan and again the Seven Spirits of God from Isaiah 11:2-3a, we can see where they relate in our daily lives as we align ourselves with the heart of the Father. 

The Spirit of the Fear of the Lord(the word fear here is as in Honor or Reverence)is prominent in this month in that we learn to listen to and study God’s word. Memorizing Scripture and saying them with The Spirit of Might (our Voice) and using the Spirit of Knowledge (Eyes)to read His word that penetrates our heart, where we can use the Spirit of Council (Heart). 

The Stones for the Moon Phase:

The Moonstone helps calm us when overreacting to situations and emotional triggers, restoring emotional balance. Moonstone and Amethyst work together as stones of reflection that allow us to raise our spiritual development.

 Amethyst and Carnelian work together in aligning with the Spirit of Wisdom, giving us creativity and emotional support. They enable us to see what God has designed for us by walking with Him daily with the Spirit of Wisdom. During the Waxing Crescent of the Moon Phase that happens a few days after the Full Moon, Carnelian powerfully works with this phase in our emotional stability. More than any other moon phase, Carnelian builds from the Spirit of the Lord, the root area of the spinal column.

Bloodstone works in the Moon Phases as a gem of noble sacrifice, offering courage and solace. It elicits the highest, most altruistic character from the Spirit of the Lord. It is said that drops of Christ’s blood dripped onto this stone, where it gets its name as it has Jasper properties. Bloodstone gives a sense of prophecy with the Spirit of Wisdom. The stone fills you with a surge of courage, self-esteem, energy, and protection. Bloodstone with Labradorite works with the Spirit of the Lord and stabilizes goals to help live a pleasing life to God. (One of the great mysteries of the Love of the Father!) Labradorite also uses the Spirit of Knowledge, giving us the vision to see things as God created them. It banishes our fears and insecurities and straightens our faith and trust in God. 

Birthstones for June:

Since the Moonstone is a permanent feature in the bracelets that I create because of its place in the moon phase, this stone is part of the birthstone trio, giving it a dual purpose for June. It is mainly associated with fertility, so I believe it plays a role in the Spirit of Wisdom (the sexual area). 

In the book I am writing about the relationship between the Seven Spirits of God and the areas of daily living; this will probably be a chapter all its own. In recent teaching by John van Rensburg, he struck a chord with me that brought this area down in one phrase that I wrote in a comment on a Facebook post. 

My comment was, “God created sex to praise Him, but the church has a lot of stuff that hid what it meant. As I studied His heartbeat, I realized that since everything He created beats with His heart, so does what He designed sex to be between man and woman and to be one. We become three in a union because it blesses Him when done as He intended in the Garden. It explains why He knew when Adam and Eve ate the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge. It shook all of Heaven once again because it affected His Heart.”

The Pearl is one of the few stones related to the Water element and the Moon. In the moonlight, moonlight, from the beginning of the moon phase (New Moon), the oysters from which pearls are formed open wider than at any other time of the month. The ruling planet of Gemini is Mercury; hence, its birthstone is Pearl. It symbolizes purity and is a “stone of sincerity.” It brings truth to situations and loyalty to a “cause.” Combined with other stones that work with the Seven Spirits of God, The Spirit of the Fear (Reverence) of the Lord is prominent in this stone due to its loyalty. Pearl and Alexandrite represent faith, charity, and innocence, enhancing personal integrity and focusing on one’s attention. Alexandrite aids with the Spirit of Council (heart) and Spirit of Knowledge (eye).                      

The Bracelet for this month has all these stones in it as a reminder of God’s plan for us with the Moon, the ocean, and the Seven Spirits in Isaiah 11:2-3a.

While wearing it, I pray it will bring you clarity from God’s word that helps us hear His heartbeat more clearly. 

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