Genesis 1:1

“In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth” (Genesis 1:1 KJV).

That packs a lot of punch! Everything is created by the hand of God, which has ultimate power that cannot be contained. It exhorts all of creation to bow to His [LT1] glory. So what happened in verse 2?

“Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters” (Genesis 1:2–3 NIV).

Then suddenly, “God said . . . ” The earth was being recreated. Light came forth and separated the darkness from it. Water came and separated the land from other lands. And the land produced vegetation, and animals were created.

Man was created in the image of God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit. Again, God poured every ounce of Himself [LT2] into man. God gave him plants and herbs and the Tree of Life for nourishment but not the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. God created a helpmeet from man’s rib, a helpmeet filled with the ultimate power of God. And man worked the ground in the Garden. He knew the herbs and the plants and how they nourished his and woman’s bodies.

And we know the rest of the story. This is where the rubber meets the road. Today, as in the beginning at the fall, people have been striving to please God. It’s too simple to believe the truth that God gave up His [LT3] only Son to take on the sins that were created from eating fruit from a forbidden tree.

Yet God recreated the story in so many ways when He [LT4] created the earth. On the surface of the stars, you can see the timeline from the virgin to the Lion of Judah.

God created the stones, and Adam and Eve learned how to use them in the garden. When they were cast out of the garden, they had to live and toil for what they had at their fingertips. They still had God just not His[LT5]  heart as their sin now put a barrier on their intimacy. And God’s Son was the only way to bring back their oneness again.

I do wonder why there was a Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. However, the Spirit of Knowledge is one of the seven Spirits of God mentioned in Isaiah 11:2. Understanding and Counsel are mentioned as well. And these three clarify the difference between good and evil.

In my third fiction book, Sara’s Homecoming, I write about the characters Knowledge, Understanding, and Counsel (discernment) These three work together with Lady Wisdom and Holly (Holy Spirit) to show the evildoers the love of the Father if they will turn from their wicked ways. I don’t want my writing to be considered sadistic, so this has been the hardest book for me to write.

As I study the seven Spirits, what I write or read has taken a different turn in the course of the book. The seven Spirits of God play an intriguing roles in our daily lives once we learn to adopt them. They want to be part of our lives continually as they were hovering over the surface of the deep in Genesis 1:2. In addition, I am currently studying the seven Spirits and how they relate to our bodies.

I hope to have a non-fiction book on this topic out in the near future of how satan turned the seven Spirits to glorify him with the use of chakras. These do not exist except in his mind.

As mentioned, the seven Spirits of God are listed in Isaiah 11:2–3. Some teachings have associated the seven Spirits with the seven colors of the rainbow. Again, chakras have colors associated with them but in reverse order of the rainbow’s.

These colors start at the crown in order of we receive from heaven:

  1. Spirit of the Fear of the Lord: Purple—spiritual connection, reverence, brain
  2. Spirit of Knowledge: Indigo—inner vision, eye (seeing in the Spirit)
  3. Spirit of Might: Blue—communication, speaking truth, voice
  4. Spirit of Counsel: Green—compassion, affection, love, heart
  5. Spirit of Understanding: Yellow—confidence, stomach
  6. Spirit of Wisdom: Orange—sexual (I included a chapter on this in the book as it was an eye opener to me regarding God’s plan. The chakra stage is totally out of order in what God intended for us.)
  7. Spirit of the Lord: Red—support lumbar region

One difference between the seven Spirits and the chakras is that the chakras start at the bottom of the body and move up to the crown (brain). A certain movement in yoga opens up the Leviathan Spirit in the lumbar region where it attaches itself to the other organs. This is not what God intended, which I hope to clarify in future studies. The Spirit of the Lord has a specific role in removing this demonic spirit from the body.

Recently, I was listening to Justin Paul Abraham [LT6] as he talked about the seven bliss bombs. (See Isiah 11:2–3; Revelation 1:4; 3:1; 4:5; 5:6.)  

  1. Spirit of the Fear of the Lord: Revelation of Jesus Christ, appearance, opening that which has been hidden, the mysteries of God, God wants to reveal these mysteries
  2. Spirit of Knowledge: Show, exposure to the eyes. We are seeing what God has been hiding from us to find Jesus.
  3. Spirit of Might: The revelations given to the servants to speak of to others of the revelations of Jesus.
  4. Spirit of Council: The timeline breaks open; we see the veil between heaven and earth becoming thinner, and we will see as Daniel, Ezekiel, and others have seen. We learn the logic of love.
  5. Spirit of Understanding: Kingly messengers that we can see and converse with. We will understand them.
  6. Spirit of Wisdom: We become legal witnesses to the Word of God. We can give testimony in the heavens.
  7. Spirit of the Lord: We have authority to perceive with the eyes and our senses and cherish the things of God. All the above work together to see the revelation that is before us.

This is for all of us—that which God has for us in His[LT7]  Spirit to see the revelation of Jesus Christ.

As France Metcalfe [LT8] says, “The heavens are open wide for us.” When all seven Spirits come down from heaven and flow from our head down to the bottom of our spine, it permeates through every bit of what God intended for our bodies so that we are in line with His[LT9]  heartbeat. They were there at the beginning of time, hovering over the darkness, and they again filled us so that we move and live and have our being in Him. (See Acts 17:28.)

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