Everything Changed at the Cross and was New at the Grave

The other day someone posted a pic of Peter and Chasten Buttigieg holding the twins they adopted.

The backlash they got from the Christian community floored me.

Yes, they are gay. Yes they are raising the children in their home living their gay lives.

Yes, homosexuality is an abomination in the Bible. And live every sin we are born with God hates.

But He loves that which He created and has bestowed that love on every human being.

We have free will. It was given to us at the Beginning of time then Adam and Eve blew it with theirs and broke the intimacy they had with God.

Yet God told His plan in the stars we see every night. And He did that before He created man.

When Christ died on the cross He took Peter and Chasten’s with Him  and everyone else’s. 

At the resurrection, we had new lives. We died in Christ and we rose with Him. They and many others are redeemed.

Acts 16:31 Gives is clear instruction as to how to fully obtain that forgiveness, the gift He’s given us: And they said “Believe on the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved, you and your household”.

That’s it. Nothing else.

Repentance will take place in its time.

I relate it to when my daughter was given a half hour to clean her room. If she started early, I gave her a little more time to clean it up and she got a reward. If she waited til 5 minutes before the time was up, she had no time left.

Granted this is the case all the time. But the rewards of repentance are amazing.

Back to Peter and Chasten. Granted they have the money to provide for the kids for their lifetime, but what about the love and compassion they need from the Christian community? All they may know is the anger and hate and do you really thing it’s worth putting the children through that? I don’t remember at anytime that Jesus rejected anyone who came to Him or even offer help to anyone. All they had to do was believe they could be healed. He never judged anyone but the Pharisees, Sadducees, and every other  group that represented discord in the community.

We need to stop. Instead of harassing them, start loving on them. They will see the God that loves them where they are at.  

2 thoughts on “Everything Changed at the Cross and was New at the Grave

  1. Amen! I tried to explain this to my daughter today, and she condemned me. Because I would not marry 2 people of the same sex. I have several friends that are gay, and I love them dearly. They know that I will always stand by The Word of God, yet love them no matter what.


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