Dementia: the mind killer

I with every being in my body hate this disease. In its rather prism form it can change a person’s mind and body from a viable human being to something that no one can comprehend. It takes a group of angels to help combat this effect of this disease and bring some normality for a few moments.

I agree it’s a chemical illness and I still believe that we can reverse it somehow. Not by meds but by herbs and other things that tend to mess with the body.

Our bodies weren’t meant to survive in the earth because of what developed over time.

I still believe that the junk we put in our bodies are the culprit. Whether it was intentional or not, we can still prevent it and hopefully reverse it during our lifetime.

However I find it a losing battle as I try to find what I’ve learned over the years to reverse the affects of dementia and Alzheimer off the planet.

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