Yes Virginia, There is A Hell. But….

In Acts 16:31 The Jailer is surprised to see Paul and Silas still in the the cell but not chained. The earthquake opened the doors to the prison and the chains broke off. As protocol the jailer must kill himself for the prisoners who escaped. But Paul and Silas stopped him from doing so.

So the jailer asked “What must I do to be saved”

“They replied (in unison apparently): “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved. You and your household.”

That’s it. All there is to it.

However if you don’t, there are other living conditions for you.

Personally as I have several friends who believe these thoughts I would love to believe them too as I have loved ones that I want to see again.

  1. Is that it does not exist except for satan, and his dominion.
  2. It’s a holding place where we can still repent from and be welcomed into Heaven when we’ve been refined.

I do not know where in scripture these thoughts are and I haven’t been to the places others have said that the hell is the area outside of Jerusalem.

Maybe it’s my beliefs from long ago that I can’t shake.

God is a loving God. There is no doubt on that as everyone likes to bring it up in comparison to what is happening now.

However as even a parent is a loving parent, there are times when the ties in the family have to be broken.

I know of families who have to have restraining orders on their children doing drugs as the parents need their social security to live on and to give it to the children to provide for their care. It’s a hard choice but must be down to protect all involved that are taking care of what belongs to the parents.

It’s the same manner. God has many things for those who “Have believed on the Lord Jesus and are saved” and the ones that would squander the treasures are prevented from handling until they are willing to give up the things holding them back. They would rather keep the plastic pearls than trade them for the real ones.

And they can not enter Heaven until they are saved.  

Does it mean that it could be a refining fire? Oh that it would be! Trust me I want to believe that! But I don’t know what the harm is unless it’s to let people have a free pass to live like they want.

I’ll post on this topic from time to time and really want to hear your thoughts.

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