It Started with a Garden

My life’s goal is to learn what God had ordained for us when He created us.

In the beginning, when Adam and Eve were living in the GGarden, they had everything they could ever need. And they had each other. Peace and harmony reigned in the Garden.

But sin entered with the deceitful act of Satan, who was allowed to roam and Adam and Eve and the children they bore there (how did Cain get a wife?).

I have read books portraying Adam and Eve outside the Garden. I believe God didn’t leave them destitute there and provided plants, minerals, stones, and the use of wool, and animal fur to keep them warm. He still loved them and didn’t turn his back on them. What broke at the bite from a tree was the intimacy between them. Even Adam and Eve lost it within themselves as feelings of grief, anger, and discontentment filled them in ways they had never known.

Centuries later, when Christ, who was 100% man and 100% Spirit, took the sin that we had endured since then and to today on the cross, never to return. There were times when God had provided ways to bring intimacy back between Him and His people, but it was only temporary.

Now sin was gone! Christ rose, and it no longer separates us from God! We can walk with Him in the Garden, and He can share His dreams with us.

Acts 16: 30-31 tells us exactly how we do this.

He (the jailer) brought them (Paul and Silas) out and asked,’‘ Sirs, what must I do to be saved.’’
They replied,’‘ Belief in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved-you and your household.’’

All we have to do is believe. This brings me to why I think as I do.

First, I am not talking about divine healing, as I believe you can go to bed with a missing limb and wake up with it intact.

I am talking about items I believe God put in place to increase our faith, not replace what He can do.

Adam and Eve have a life like no other human ever. And they knew nothing else until that dreadful day.

Suddenly, it’s a dark world with no vegetation unless they plant their own. The ground is not suitable as it was in the Garden. Nothing is as it was. Yet God still loves them. He prevented Adam from eating from the Tree of Life, so he wouldn’t live forever in that state.

God continues to love them unconditionally in their state and provides for them when they need it. He didn’t leave them desolate. There were things there that Hr showed them to use. God had a plan, but it would be awhile. For centuries, they knew the value of plants, stones, metal, and fiber. And soon, it was out of reach for some.

Even though the church shunned those that used these items daily and considered it witchcraft, as there are stories where, yes, it was in the Bible, the word discernment is very applicable here.

A friend wrote a post I’ll share here as he explains it more eloquently.

Discernment is a good thing even in the Scriptures, as sometimes it is just a lesson of what not to do.

As I walk through this journey and if you’d like to join me as we learn, sign up to follow. I am not afraid to discuss what I share and study further in God’s word and other books written in those times, like the Iliad, Odyssey, Josephus, and others.

One that I am currently dabbling in is the book of Enoch. A FB friend had been reading it during his podcasts, and it was a great discussion.

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