Getting Ready for the Harvest

I spent my one day off sleeping in. I am not really a morning person but if choosing between working and getting business projects done I will be one.

I listened to my pastor talk about what my heart beats to and that is living in the kingdom of God. America was founded under that thought and breaking free of the tyrant actions of England’s religion’s ideas.

It’s what the direction of the church and it’s people were to be all along, yet too much animosity arose over the years and the part of “all men are created equal” was not being adhered to. Racism has taken a forefront, ignoring the one statement of the constitution that we could all hang our hat on. 

I spent the rest of the day trying to get a head of my week with mostly laundry and having my tiny kitchen clean. In the process I cleaned out a lot of old herbs and other items to prepare for the new harvest.

Once I know those areas are under control I can get things working as it should. At times I am a creature of habit. My goal is still to live healthier. I did good yesterday. Now sure how today is going yet.

I am studying something that I am know I am swimming in  the deep end of the pool. In my research and doing copywriting on my products I run into the word “Chakra” quite a bit with the stones and the benefits they provide and the word is causing me fits as I know the whole idea is to distract us from God’s original plan in living in a kingdom lifestyle, our bodies being the temple.

The color format for the “Chakra” is the same as the Seven Spirits of God in Isaiah 11:2-3. The difference is that Chakras start at the bottom and go up the spine.

 The Seven Spirits of God run down from Heaven to earth.

I will cover more of this in the next blog.

My theory is that when Adam and Eve were banished from the Garden, they now had to work to survive (A poverty mindset that we no longer live under being in the kingdom of God). So God had given things throughout the earth to help they survive in stones and fiber.  None of it was to take the place of the healing through the blood of Christ centuries later, but to help facilitate when things seem to hinder us in our healing process.

It’s kind of like when you start your car. Everything has to connect for it to run smoothly. If you hit a rock and it dents something in the engine you will know by the sound and will take to the shop to repair the damage.

We have junk from teachings that infiltrate us along the way in life that we have to work through to and at times there are things our bodies were never meant to feel and it causes havoc. Our bodies were never created to house anger, fear, rejection, bitterness, loneliness and other emotions, and Adam and Eve felt a lot of these within themselves because of being cast out of the Garden.

This is what sin does when we let our sad  emotions rule our bodies and thought life . It wreaks havoc in our central nervous system  and the blood can’t seem to program it it flow to the areas of our bodies to be healthy. It’s like putting bad gas in your car. It can cause erosion in areas of your car so it runs poorly.

Our bodies were never created to carry any emotion that would cause harm.   And why I want to study the Seven Spirits of God along with the healing aspects of stones, fiber, metal, and plant that are there to sustain us and share what I learn in the process.

Which is why I do what I do. I know I am not the only one.  

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